Portrait of Zenna Wong by Charles Zuckermann

Hi, my name is Zenna and I am a commercial product and still life photographer.

Being born and raised in Vancouver, I would consider myself a true Vancouverite through and through. I am a graduate of the BCIT New Media Design and Web Development Program as well as the Langara Professional Photography Program.

What I absolutely love about digital photography is its ability to take the wildest ideas and make them into reality. Through careful lighting, calculated camera technique and a little photoshop magic, just about anything is possible. I want to create product imagery that is fresh, dynamic and tells a clever story.

It is my pleasure to work alongside an individual as passionate and talented as Charles. Teamwork makes the dream work and we love to emphasize on thoughtful creative collaboration. So if you are looking for a kickass photo dream team for your next project, please do not hesitate get in touch. Let’s make something great.

Charles Zuckermann portrait by Zenna Wong

Hi, I’m Charles. I’ve been working as a commercial portrait and lifestyle photographer in the beautiful two season city of Vancouver for 10 years now. I left my hometown of Montreal at  the age of 21 to seek my fame and fortune as an actor, but after several career changes I discovered photography was really
the life for me.

These are the reasons why:

  • light and the way it can be carved.

  • discovering the incredible characters that hide and play
    inside the people I photograph.

  • the collaborative nature of the whole process.

  • that in 1/160th of a second I can stop time, document a
    moment and create art.

  • that feeling that comes after hard work, mounds of
    planning, the lights turn off and you know you’ve nailed it.

  • my work allows me to travel the world. Montreal, Toronto, London, Beijing, Portugal, The Mayan Riviera, Thailand
    and Cambodia is a good start, but I have a lot more places
    to shoot.

  • no matter how long I work as a photographer that I will
    never truly master it. There will always be something
    to learn.

Whether we shoot in studio or on location let’s create images filled with energy that tell one hell of a story. You deserve nothing less.